Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Do An Address Search Online

How to Do An Address Search Online

There are many address finder websites online

Knowing how to do an address search online will help you to find the information that you need quickly. The internet has made is so convenient to find addresses, people and other information that you need every day. You can verify information from an employee, check on a babysitter or verify the address of a friend.

WHITE PAGES - Look at a white pages directory to look up the address of an individual. There are many white page directories online. They are usually easy to use and very helpful in finding addresses and sometimes phone numbers. The white page online directories usually do not tell email addresses or other information about the individual.

YELLOW PAGES - Look at a yellow pages directory online if you are looking for the address of a business. The yellow pages are very easy to use. Normally you can search by a business name or by topic to help you find the listing that you need. It is very similar to the yellow page directory that you have at home except that it has listings for the entire United States of America. First look in the city or town that you believe the business is located in and then expand to a larger area. Knowing how to do an address search online will end your frustration with telephone directories.

FREE PEOPLE SEARCH SITES - Look for addresses on people search websites. There are many people search websites that will give you a minimal amount of information on individuals for free. Normally this information includes the name and address of an individual. This is not a good source for business information or for more detailed information about an individual.

PAID PEOPLE SEARCH SITES - Look on a people search or people finder website that charges a nominal fee for information. These sites usually only charge for what you get and if you are only looking for an address, the cost should be nominal. Most likely you will be able to find this information for no charge at all. One benefit of a paid site is the accuracy of the information. If you need detailed information that is accurate, a paid people finder website may be your best bet. Sometimes there are many addresses for individuals online going back many years, you will want to know which one is the most recent.

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