Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kyron Horman is Within a 10-15 Minute Drive From Skyline Elementary

Most likely Kyron Horman is within a 10 to 15 minute drive from Skyline Elementary School in Portland Oregon. As you may know, Kyron is a seven year old boy who went missing from his school on June 4, 2010. His stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman has been under intense scrutiny ever since, as she should be.

Whether Terri is guilty or not remains to be seen, but she certainly is not acting like an innocent person. Terri had a problem with Kyron. Her problem had something to do with the fact that her 16 year old son moved out of her home that she shared with her husband Kaine in March of 2010. She blamed this move on Kaine. There are probably many more details to the situation that will come out eventually, hopefully. This move led her to plan Kyron's dimise. Everything in this article is my assumptions based on information gleaned from the media, family and law enforcement statements coupled with my own common sense.


8:00am Terri arrives at Skyline Elementary School with her stepson Kyron who she has it out for and her 18 month old daughter Kiara. She is driving her husband, Kaine's white Ford F250 pickup truck because she says that she needs it to pick up Kyron's science project after the science fair. Of course, she does not pick up the science project, nor does she even know when they are to be picked up because later she calls the school to ask (and probably to find out if they are aware that something is amiss.) Kyron is dressed in a CSI television shirt because the family likes the show. I believe this was on purpose to show that Terri knows a little something about crime scene investigation.

Terri tells the teacher that Kyron is going to the doctor. She then purposes leaves this backpack at the school. Later she tells friends in emails that the teacher mixed up the information about Kiara's doctor appointment and the fact that her and Kyron were going to look at more science exhibits. She also said that is was totally chaotic and disorganized.

8:15am Terri and Kyron are last scene at the elementary school by Gina Zimmerman the president of the PTA.

Terri leaves the school with Kyron at 8:15am, but she later tells people that she stayed until 8:45am.

Terri most likely immediately pulled over somewhere to kill Kyron. There was a sighting down a rarely used road near Skyline Elementary of the white truck with a red head driving. She certainly did not continue to drive around with Kyron in the car alive or dead. She certainly did not have Kyron with her when she went to the store or the gym, if someone saw him in the car that would ruin her alibi.

She had this complete crime mapped out to a T (CSI), so that she could work quickly and have an alibi for all of her movements during the day.

She then raced to the location that she had already planned to dump the body. Most likely within 10 to 15 minutes of Skyline Elementary because she did not have time to go anywhere else if we are to believe that she arrived at the Fred Meyer in Hillsboro, Oregon by 9:00am. She could have easily dumped him near Sauvie Island, off of Germantown Road or in the near by forest. This is such a dense forested area that she could have dumped Kyron in a million different places and he may never be found.

If she left the school at approximately 8:15 am she would have just enough time to drive up to 15 minutes, dump the body and then drive to the Fred Meyer store in Hillsboro, Oregon arriving at 9:00am if that part of the story is true.

8:45am The time Terri Horman tells police she left Skyline Elementary School with only her daughter Kiara.

9:00am The time that Terri Horman allegedly arrived at Fred Meyer store in Hillsboro, Oregon to pick up some medicine for her sick daughter Kiara.

According to Terri she had to stop at several stores to find the medication that she needed for her daughter. She then drove around trying to get her ill daughter to sleep in the car.

Then her story goes a little haywire. She claims that she then went to the gym arriving between 11:20-11:40, where she stayed for about an hour while Kiara played in the daycare. WHAT, yes that is her story. She then claims that this sick child, that she had to go to several stores to find medicine for and drive around for more than an hour to calm down, was then dumped in the daycare at the gym while she worked out.

I do believe that she probably did speak with or meet with Dede Spicher during this time. Dede Spicher was probably just a shoulder to cry on about all of her problems. Terri Horman certainly would never admit to anyone what she has down. Dede Spicher certainly would not have any reason to participate in the crimes, why would she?

It is unknown why Dede and Terri are being so secretive if it is just one friend supporting another in time of crisis. But what is the crisis? What did Terri tell Dede that day?

12:45 Terri is back at home.

3:30 She goes to the bus stop to pick up Kyron.

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