Thursday, July 1, 2010

Waiting to Hear From Kyron Hormon's Parents at the Latest Press Conference

Well wishers and loved ones are waiting to hear from Kyron Horman's parents. Kyron is missing from his Portland, Oregon elementary school. The evidence in the case has not been shared with the public, but recent events are leading people to speculate that Terri Moulton Horman may be involved in the disappearance of her seven year old stepson.

Kyron Horman's biological parents, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young are taking questions from the press today. They will be releasing their answers any moment now.

Originally supportive of his wife, Kaine Horman has since moved out of the home he shared with Terri Horman, Kyron Horman and Kiara Horman to an undisclosed location and filed for a divorce from Moulton Horman along with a restraining order keeping her away from her children and firearms.

It is speculated that a police briefing prompted Kaine Horman to take his 19 month old daughter and leave Terri Moulton Horman.

Since very few solid clues are known by the public, they cling to every small piece of information that comes out about the case.

Today, Terri Moulton Horman hired a criminal defense attorney, which left everyone wondering why she did not hire a family law attorney and fight the Temporary restraining order. As soon as she disputes the TRO a hearing must be held within five days. This allegedly dedicated mother has yet to dispute the Temporary Restraining Order.

Her aloof appearance, casual quips on Facebooks such as "hitting the gym today" and the fact that she was the last person to see Kyron Horman has given the public speculation. Could this seemingly dedicated mother of three, who raised Kyron since he was a baby, actually be capable of causing him harm.

There are some cyber sleuthers who cannot believe she would have anything to do with Kyron's disappearance due to her squeaky clean reputation and past, but her actions have lead many to believe that she is involved and it is her psychotic personality that allows her to behave normally each day.

Some online cyber sleuths have quite an imagination and have speculated about neighbors and family members of the Portland family even though there is no evidence to back up their notions. The police have indicated that they do not believe anyone else is in danger, which leads everyone to believe that they know who is responsible and they have their eye on them.

Who could be on Facebook while they have a missing child?

Terri, please tell the truth so that Kyron can be found.

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